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Age Discrimination: Time is money

David von Hagen looks at a recent EAT decision on whether employers can justify dismissing a worker to avoid paying enhanced pension benefits ‘In Woodcock v Cumbria PCT, Underhill J said that the adoption of the costs plus rule tends to involve parties and tribunals in artificial game playing, including one of “find the other …
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Fair Pay Review: Multiple problems

Keith Corkan summarises the findings of Will Hutton’s interim report on public sector pay ‘A recurring theme of the Hutton report is the influence of many features of private sector remuneration on the public sector.’In early December, Will Hutton, the former head of the Work Foundation, issued his interim report on pay in the public …
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Public Sector Efficiency: Dealing with the deficit

Local authorities are considering an array of methods to cut employment costs following the Comprehensive Spending Review, including some innovative alternatives to mass layoffs, comments Mark Hammerton ‘The financial impact of the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review is now clear: an estimated £83bn of savings will need to be achieved by 2015. How and where public …
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