Mills & anr v Mills & anr [2015] EWHC 1522 (CH)

November 2015 #154

The claimants brought a part 8 claim for the determination of three issues in relation to a family trust of land on which was operated a family-run plant nursery business. The nursery business was operated through a limited company which was separately owned from the trust and the company paid no rent to the trust for occupation of the land. All parties to the claim were adult members of the family and comprised all of the existing beneficiaries of the trust. The fourth defendant represented the interests of potential unborn beneficiaries. The relief sought by the claimants was unopposed...

Re OL [2015] EWCOP 41

November 2015 #154

OL was born on 15 November 1937. Her husband died in 1993. She had three children: an elder son (ES) who is 53, a daughter (DA) aged 51 and a younger son (YS) aged 48.

OL used to live in a maisonette in Stockwell, London. In 2010, DA moved in with OL ostensibly to look after her. In 2011, OL was diagnosed with vascular dementia and on 17 July 2013 she suffered a stroke. According to ES, OL scored 8 out of 30 on a mini mental state examination on 21 August 2013, suggesting that she had severe cognitive impairment at that time.

On 19 October 2013, OL executed a lasting power ...

Re XZ [2015] EWCOP 35

November 2015 #154

XZ was a high-net-worth individual with properties in several countries. On 4 December 2013 he executed a lasting power of attorney (LPA) for property and financial affairs, by which he appointed three attorneys. They were to act jointly in relation to all decisions in connection with the sale and purchase of any real estate and the sale or purchase of any other asset with a value in excess of CDN $3m. Otherwise they were to act jointly and severally in relation to all other decisions. The LPA had been carefully drafted with the assistance of Speechly Bircham, Solicitors. In particular, ...

Re ARL [2015] EWCOP 55

November 2015 #154

This was an application by the public guardian (OPG) for the revocation of a lasting power of attorney (LPA) for property and financial affairs.

ARL was born in 1929 and has resided in a nursing home since 5 September 2012. On 23 August 2012 she executed an LPA for property and financial affairs, appointing her adopted son (ICL) and her adopted daughter (JJT) jointly and severally as her attorneys. The LPA was registered on 30 October 2012.

On 18 July 2014, concerns were raised with the OPG regarding ICL’s management of ARL’s property and financial affairs. The ...

Cadogan Petroleum plc & Ors v Mark Tolley & Ors [2011] EWHC 2286 (Ch)

November 2015 #154

The claimants, who were a group of companies engaged in the business of exploration and exploitation of gas reserves in Ukraine, brought claims against, inter alia, the fourth and fifth defendants (Vivcharyk defendants), respectively the former chief operating officer and the company controlled by him, in relation to alleged bribes or secret commissions which, directly or indirectly, they received in connection with commercial contracts for the supply or acquisition by the Cadogan Group of drilling equipment and services, two gas plants and a company. Proceedings were issued on ...

Crossfield v Jackson [2014] EWCA Civ 1548

November 2015 #154

The dispute between the parties concerned the ownership of a four-bedroom London apartment (the property). Monica Elaine Crossfield (the appellant) had become the council tenant of the property in 1987 under a secure tenancy with the London Borough of Lambeth (LBC). By a lease dated 26 August 2003 (the lease), LBC demised the property to her for a term of 125 years in consideration of a premium of £109,500 (the premium). The premium was calculated by the market value of the property, minus a right to buy discount by virtue of the appellant being a secure tenant. The premium was provided ...

Frame v Rai [2012] BCSC 1876

November 2015 #154

The case concerned a dispute over ownership of a property. The property was registered in the name of the deceased, his sister (the plaintiff) and his wife (the defendant) as tenants in common. The plaintiff claimed that she was an owner of a one-half interest in the property based on an agreement entered into between her, the deceased and other family members at the time of purchase of the property in 1994. The defendant asserted that she and the deceased’s estate were solely the beneficial owners of the property, claiming that the reason the plaintiff was included as an owner on ...

Herbert v Doyle & anr [2010] EWCA Civ 1095 On appeal from: [2008] EWHC 3423

November 2015 #154

The appellant (Mr Herbert) owned the freehold of a house and a large garden. The respondents (Mr Doyle and Mr Talati) owned the freehold of an adjacent property comprising a dental surgery with nine parking spaces. They also leased part of the ground floor in the main house from Mr Herbert. They carried on a practice as dental practitioners from the freehold and leasehold premises and they and their clients used the parking spaces. Mr Herbert wished to develop the former walled garden of Mansfield House and to build mews houses, but to do so he needed Mr Doyle and Mr Talati to exchange s...

The Law Society v Elsdon & ors [2015] EWHC 1326 (Ch)

November 2015 #154

The first defendant practised as a solicitor under his own name until 2013. In that year he began to practise through the third defendant company, which was authorised as a ‘licensed body’ for the purposes of the Legal Services Act 2007. The directors of the third defendant were the first and second defendants.

On 8 December 2014 the Solicitors Regulation Authority decided to intervene in the practice of the first and third defendants and sent notices to the defendants advising them of this.

The decision of the adjudication panel recorded that it decide...