Cawley & anr v Lillis [2011] IEHC 515

May 2013 #129

Celine Cawley, the deceased (D) and the defendant, her husband (H), owned real and personal property as joint tenants. D’s will left all her property to H and if he were to predecease her, to trustees for her children. She had one daughter. H was convicted of D’s manslaughter. Following his conviction, H expressly renounced his right to probate of D’s will. On 24 March 2010 letters of administration were granted to the plaintiffs (P), the personal representatives named in D’s will should H predecease her. By s120 of the Succession Act 1965 (the

Cripps Trust Corp v Sands [2012] EWHC 2229 (Ch)

May 2013 #129

Lieutenant Colonel Sands died in 2000 leaving a will and codicil. He left a large and valuable collection of paintings and other chattels which, under clause 2 of his codicil, he gave to be held on trust by his trustee, Cripps Trust Corporation (CTC), for his wife Mrs Sands (who had passed away some time before the court case) for life and then to be divided between a class of beneficiaries that included galleries and museums. If CTC did not exercise this power the residuary beneficiaries of the will (in this case Lieutenant Colonel Sands’ grandchildren) would take the paintings an...

Day v Harris & ors [2013] EWCA Civ 191

May 2013 #129

Sir Malcolm Arnold (Sir Malcolm) was married twice and had two children by his first wife, Robert Malcolm Arnold (Mr Arnold) and Katherine Louise Arnold (Miss Arnold). In June 1976, after separating from his second wife, Sir Malcolm moved to a flat in Dun Laoghaire and, in the following month, sent several boxes to Miss Arnold containing (inter alia) books, paintings, sculptures and the manuscripts of various of his compositions. At the same time he sent a postcard to Mr Arnold on which he had written ‘All the books, pictures, sculptures etc are for you and Katherine to sh...

FHR European Ventures & ors v Mankarious & ors [2013] EWCA Civ 17

May 2013 #129

The claimants (Investor Group) appealed from the decision of Simon J ([2011] EWHC 2308 (Ch)) that the Investor Group was entitled to a personal, but not a proprietary, remedy against Cedar Capital Partners LLC (Cedar). There was no appeal from Simon J’s decision that Cedar was liable to account in equity to the Investor Group.

Monte Carlo Grand Hotel in Monaco was owned by Monte Carlo Hotel SAM, a Monegasque company. The company’s share capital was owned by Monte Carlo Grand Hotel Ltd, a BVI company. In September 2004, the BVI company was interested in se...

Re Frost (dec’d) [2013] EWHC 435 (Ch)

May 2013 #129

Richard Frost (the deceased) died on 4 March 2008 leaving a will dated 26 September 2007 (the will). The will bequeaths the deceased’s residuary estate on trust as to one third for each of his daughters, Linda Aylen (Linda) and Susan Frost (Susan), one sixth to his son Andrew Frost (Andrew) and one twelfth to each of Andrew’s two children. The deceased’s only asset of significant value was his property in Lewisham. He sold this shortly after making the will and realised net proceeds of £353,480. He had at that time been living with Linda for several months and continued...

Re M 12268561

May 2013 #129

M was 70, lived in London and was a successful lawyer and businessman. He suffered a heart attack and then a stroke in December 2012 while abroad on business. This led to M becoming mentally incapacitated although this was not likely to be permanent. N made an application to the court to be appointed as M’s deputy. N was M’s good friend, he lived abroad and was a successful businessman. He had worked with M for many years and had assisted M for some time with the management of his business and financial affairs. N was appointed to act for M under a general power of attorney e...

Schrader v Schrader [2013] EWHC 466 (Ch)

May 2013 #129

Jessica Schrader (the testatrix) died a widow aged 98. The testatrix’s two sons, the claimant (Nick) and the defendant (Bill), survived her.

By a will dated 1 October 1990 (the 1990 will), drafted by a firm of solicitors, the testatrix had made specific gifts of shares and savings bonds to her grandchildren and thereafter left her residue (on her husband having predeceased) to Nick and Bill in equal shares absolutely.

However, in or about May 2005, the testatrix suffered a fall and Nick moved into the testatrix’s property to act as her carer. On 12 April 2006,...

Re X (Trust) [2012] JRC 171

May 2013 #129

The plaintiff/representors (A and B) are the principal beneficiaries of X Trust, a discretionary trust governed by the law of Jersey with the first defendant/respondent (C) being the sole trustee. There are other stipendiary beneficiaries.

It is a large trust and owns shares in a public quoted company that have plummeted in value. No claim in respect of this loss has been made. However, there are other losses totalling nearly £100m and A and B wish to bring a breach of trust claim in respect of these losses.

If A and B are successful in their claim they will not personall...