Dawson-Damer & ors v Taylor Wessing LLP & anr [2018] WTLR 57

Spring 2018 #171

The appellants were beneficiaries of a number of Bahamian trusts; the respondent solicitors (‘TW’) act on behalf of the trustee of these trusts. On 4 August 2014, the appellants served a subject access request (‘SAR’) on TW, requesting disclosure of the personal data relating to the appellants held by TW as the solicitors for the trustee. The appellants were not satisfied by TW’s response to the SAR. They therefore applied to the court to exercise its discretion under s.7(9) of the Data Protection Act 1998 (‘DPA’), and grant a declaration that TW had not complied with t...

Routier & anr v HMRC [2017] WTLR 1119

Autumn 2017 #169

The appeal concerned the restriction (the Restriction) imposed by s23 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 (IHTA), as interpreted by the Court of Appeal in an earlier hearing of the appeal, on IHT relief for legacies and gifts to charities, to legacies and gifts to UK charities subject to the supervision of the UK courts. The question was whether the Restriction violated the EU law principle of freedom of movement of capital so as not to be enforceable in relation to a legacy of an estate with assets situate in the UK to a Jersey charity.

There were three sub-issues:

  1. (1) W...

Heer v Singha [2016] EWCA Civ 424

September 2016 #162

This was an appeal against a declaration that H held only 50 per cent of the beneficial interest in the property. The property was registered in the name of S, the former husband of the respondent.

H and S were childhood friends who had formed a partnership for acquiring properties together in around 1998. H claimed that in 2001 he and S had agreed that H would provide funds to S to aid S to purchase the property, to be repaid within five years. The legal ownership was to be in S’s name only but H was to be the sole beneficial owner until he was repaid in full. Two documents...

Curran v Collins [2015] EWCA Civ 404

March 2016 #157

This was an appeal against a decision that Ms Curran, the appellant, had not acquired a beneficial interest in property in the sole name of Mr Collins, the respondent. Mr Collins and Ms Curran were in a relationship from about 1978 until 2010. However, she did not move in to live with Mr Collins until 2002, having maintained a close relationship with her own family.

From about 1994 onwards, the couple bred Airedale terriers. Over the course of the relationship, Mr Collins owned three properties in his sole name, referred to as the Bendfont flat, the Feltham house and The Haven. He...

Herbert v Doyle & anr [2010] EWCA Civ 1095

November 2015 #154

The appellant (Mr Herbert) owned the freehold of a house and a large garden. The respondents (Mr Doyle and Mr Talati) owned the freehold of an adjacent property comprising a dental surgery with nine parking spaces. They also leased part of the ground floor in the main house from Mr Herbert. They carried on a practice as dental practitioners from the freehold and leasehold premises and they and their clients used the parking spaces. Mr Herbert wished to develop the former walled garden of Mansfield House and to build mews houses, but to do so he needed Mr Doyle and Mr Talati to exchange s...

JSC Mezhdunarodniy Promyshlenniy Bank & Anr v Pugachev [2015] EWCA Civ 139

July/August 2015 #151

In the early 1990s, Mr Pugachev founded the JSC Mezhdunarodniy Promyshlenniy Bank (the bank) in Russia. It became one of Russia’s largest privately owned commercial banking groups. On 4 October 2010, the Russian Central Bank revoked its banking licence and appointed a ‘temporary administration’ and on 30 November 2010 it was declared insolvent by the Russian court and placed into temporary administration. The state corporation ‘Deposit Insurance Agency’ (the DIA) was appointed as liquidator. Mr Pugachev left Russia for London in 2011. The Russian liquidation of the bank was recognised by...

Lim v Walia [2014] EWCA Civ 1076

January/February 2015 #146

Jocelyn Walia died on 25 March 2011 aged 38. She had married Mr Walia in July 2003 and they had a daughter Emma-Kaur in November 2004.

In 21 May 2002, they bought a fixed-term life insurance. On the first death the survivor would be paid the sum insured. On proof of one of the life insured was suffering a terminal illness then the payment was brought forward and then no death benefit would be payable.

After they separated Mrs Walia moved to the Philippines and had a son Philip Lim in July 2009. In February 2011 she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Mrs Walia died i...

AIB Group (UK) plc v Mark Redler & Co Solicitors [2013] EWCA Civ 45

October 2013 #133

In 2006, Drs Ravindra and Salma Sondhi applied to the claimant (AIB) for a loan of £3.3m, to be secured against their private home, in order to provide finance for their business. The application stated that the Sondhis’ home was worth £4.5m but was subject to an existing mortgage in favour of Barclays Bank to secure an outstanding loan of £1.5m. AIB agreed to the loan but required security over the Sondhis’ home in the form of first legal charge. AIB instructed the defendant (MRC) to act for it in connection with the remortgage and provided MRC with a facility letter which s...

Gallarotti v Sebastianelli [2012] EWCA Civ 865

November 2012 #124

Mr Gallarotti (G) and Mr Sebastianelli (S) had been friends since 1988. They moved to London to make their careers and habitually rented flats together, both contributing towards the outgoings. In 1997 they took the step of buying a flat (the flat) together, although it was transferred into S’s sole name. The total cost was £188,287.44. S contributed £86,500 and G contributed £26,896.20. The remainder was met by a mortgage taken out by S and against which G agreed to postpone any interest he might have.

No written agreement existed to establish an express declaration of trus...

North Shore Ventures Ltd v Anstead Holdings Inc [2012] EWCA Civ 11

September 2012 #122

The substantive action concerned a written agreement between North Shore Ventures Limited (North Shore) and Anstead Holdings Inc (Anstead) made in March 2003 (the agreement). In 2008 Anstead’s assets were transferred into trusts of which Mr Fomichev and Mr Peganov (the appellants) and their family members were discretionary beneficiaries (the trusts). On 20 August 2008 North Shore issued a claim against Anstead and the appellants for monies owing under the agreement. On 21 June 2010, Newey J gave judgment against the appellants for sums in excess of $50m. On 9 March 2011, the Court...