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Manorial Rights: Title challenge

Paul Stafford explains why those who hold a manorial title, or those who challenge it, must examine the foundations on which the particular title stands ‘The exercise of any right of lordship depends first on establishing or upholding title to the lordship; this is a more difficult task than is often recognised.’Manorial law continues to …
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Construction Focus: Bribery Act 2010

With the imminent introduction of the Bribery Act, John Starr outlines the new offences it creates and its implications for the construction industry ‘All organisations will need to have measures in place to counter bribery, including a statement of values, a code of conduct, detailed policies and procedures, risk management procedures, training and guidance, internal …
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Disclaimer Of Leases: Tactics for landlords

Tom Hubbard examines the powers of a liquidator to disclaim leases and strategies for landlords faced with tenants who are in liquidation ‘A validly appointed liquidator possesses a statutory power to disclaim onerous leasehold property during the process of liquidating a company.’In these hard times many companies are struggling, and those that lose the battle …
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