Trust Disputes: Shock and ore

Matthew Howson outlines the lessons from Australian case Hancock v Rinehart [2015], which considered fraud on a power and replacement of a trustee ‘The court felt that Bianca was more likely than a professional trustee to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries, and in particular more likely to resist Mrs Rinehart.’ Gina Rinehart …
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Cases Referenced

  • Hancock v Rinehart [2015] NSWSC 646
  • Re Brooke Bond & Co Ltd's Trust Deed [1963] Ch 357
  • Re Tempest (1866) LR 1 Ch App 485
  • Vatcher v Paull [1915] AC 372
  • Wong v Burt [2005] WTLR 291 CA (NZ)