Erdal v HMRCC [2011] UKFTT 87 (TC)

December 2011 #115

E owned shares in a company involved in the manufacture of paper. E owned 17,131 ordinary shares and 53,476 A shares in the company. A charitable trust owned the majority shareholding in the company and the terms of the trust meant that it was unlikely that the company would ever be floated. The A shares were non-voting. The company’s articles restricted the sale or other transfer of the company shares.

The question at issue was the value of those shares as at 31 March 1982 for the purposes of Capital Gains Tax (CGT). E appealed against assessments in respect of CGT in the ...

Glowacki (deceased) v HMRCC [2007] UKSPC 00631

December 2011 #115

By her will dated 8 February 2001, Gwendoline Enid Glowacki (Mrs Glowacki) gave her entire estate to her husband, Tadeusz Marian Glowacki (Mr Glowacki), subject to the payment of £25,000 to her sister Mrs McElney. Mrs Glowacki died on 21 March 2004 and Mr Glowacki died on 21 June 2004. Under his will, in the event that occurred, Mr Glowacki gave 6 Moore Walk, Myton Grange, Warwick (the property) to Mrs McElney and divided his net residuary estate equally between Mrs McElney as to one half and Mrs Wells, Mrs Minash and Mr Johnson (the nieces and nephew of Mrs Glowacki) as to the other hal...