The Public Guardian’s Severance Applications [2017] EWCOP 10

WTLR Issue: Autumn 2017 #169

In the matter of: JG (Case No 12911940); DH (Case No 12911905); SH (Case No 1291136T); SHH (Case No 12922074); SG (Case No 12921347); SR (Case No 12921353); MN (Case No 12922419); RH (Case No 12922448); JG2 (Case No 12905606); JR (Case No 12922477); JF (Case No 12925291); PG (Case No 12926046); GO (Case No 12918069); GB (Case No 12946433); JB (Case No 12946312); GD (Case No 1294678T); CW (Case No 12946813)


The Public Guardian brought various consolidated applications for severance under para 11((3) of Schedule 1 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (the MCA 2005) in respect of various lasting powers of attorney which were potentially unlawful or ineffective by reason of the operation of s9 MCA 2005, which provides that an LPA is not created unless it is made and registered in accordance with Schedule 1 of para 19.

Legislation referenced

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  • Mental Capacity Act 2005, s9, s12, s13, s23