Re PC; Public Guardian v AC & JC [2014] EWCOP 41

WTLR Issue: April 2015 #148

In the matter of: PC






PC was born in 1936. She suffered from vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In June 2009, she had executed an LPA for property and affairs, appointing her sons, AC and JC, as her attorneys jointly and severally. The LPA was registered on 12 August 2009. In June 2013, an application to the Court of Protection was made by the Public Guardian (OPG) for an order revoking the LPA, and directing them to account to the OPG for their dealings under the LPA. The OPG had been informed that the attorneys had not been paying their mother’s care fees and that arrears had accumulated, funds had been taken from PC in the form of lump sum payments amounting to £15,000 and unexplained withdrawals amounting to £150,347.45.

Counsel details

Counsel Fatima Chandoo for the applicant.

JC in person.

AC did not attend.

Legislation referenced

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