Relationships: Life on the edge?

Emily Brand asks whether there should be legal reform to protect the rights of ‘throuples’ The idea of a throuple could be a sign of things to come as gender roles and expectations become more fluid and surrogacy becomes increasingly widespread. The idea of the ‘couple’ is deeply embedded in Judeo-Christian culture, starting with Adam …
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Gallarotti v Sebastianelli [2012] EWCA Civ 865

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | November 2012 #124

Mr Gallarotti (G) and Mr Sebastianelli (S) had been friends since 1988. They moved to London to make their careers and habitually rented flats together, both contributing towards the outgoings. In 1997 they took the step of buying a flat (the flat) together, although it was transferred into S’s sole name. The total cost was £188,287.44. S contributed £86,500 and G contributed £26,896.20. The remainder was met by a mortgage taken out by S and against which G agreed to postpone any interest he might have.

No written agreement existed to establish an express declaration of trus...