Beckett & anr v McMillan & anr [2015] NICh 8

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | September 2015 #152

Beatrice Maeve Beckett was born on 15 March 1939. She married the late Raymond Walter Beckett (the deceased) on 6 August 1958. They had two sons. They eventually separated, after a series of what Mrs Beckett described as the ‘lengthy adulterous relationships’ on the part of the deceased.

The deceased eventually began cohabiting with Evangeline Jemima Herd, and they were living together as man and wife at the time of his death on 27 May 1997. He left a will of 8 February 1996 under which the entirety of his estate passed to Ms Herd.

Mrs Beckett issued proceedings...

Negotiations: Settlements and fundamental dishonesty

Stephanie Prior and Patricia Begley analyse how a claim can fail because parties have unintentionally made an agreement ‘This case clearly demonstrates, failure to be clear about the basis on which a settlement is “agreed” may result in one party (at least) being bound by a settlement that they may not have intended.’ Those of …
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