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Third parties: To join or not to join

| Family Law Journal | September 2020

Holly Tootill, Clare Williams and Hannah Pilling ask how, when and why third parties should be joined to financial remedy proceedings

Covid-19: Back to the office – the key legal risks and how to avoid them

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

Joanna Chatterton and Ed Livingstone discuss how employers can manage the return to the office following government guidance for businesses to bring an end to homeworking arrangements where possible

Reputational risk: Prepare to have right on your side when making efficiency savings

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

Gillian Duffy considers how businesses can protect their reputation when making difficult decisions about redundancies and pay cuts

Discipline and grievance: Employment procedures in the time of a pandemic

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

Brigitte Weaver answers some common questions about holding disciplinary and grievance hearings remotely

Legal news: Employment update

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

Claire Scott and Chris Evans round up recent case law affecting employers and their advisers

Part III, MFPA 1984: No way through

| Family Law Journal | September 2020

Ellie Foster analyses an application for financial provision after a Jersey divorce and the obstacles faced by the wife despite the unavailability of pension sharing in Jersey

Gender equality: The impact of Covid-19 on the gender pay gap

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

The coronavirus outbreak may widen the gender pay gap and have a distorting effect on the next set of statistics, warn Jennifer Millins and Martha Averley

Coronavirus job retention scheme: New law to ensure furloughed employees receive full redundancy payments

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

At the end of July, the government issued new regulations on redundancy and notice pay for furloughed staff, as well as further details of the job retention bonus. Amanda Sanders and Aida Geragusian examine these developments

Dismissals: Manage the risks of a fire and rehire strategy

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

Although making changes to employees’ terms and conditions can avoid the need for redundancies, there are numerous pitfalls that employers need to watch out for, warns Claire Wilson

Furlough errors: Working while furloughed – manage the risk of furlough fraud allegations

| Employment Law Journal | September 2020

Employers could face employment tribunal claims and HMRC penalties if they have any employees who have worked during furlough. Alan Lewis, Caroline Glacken, Sarah Wallace and Ami Amin look at steps employers can take to rectify errors

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