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Workplace stress: Why mental health should be top of employers’ agendas

| Employment Law Journal | July 2019

Laura Morrison and George Fellows outline how to respond to case law that highlights the perils of failing to manage mental health issues effectively

Unlawful inducements: Can an employer bypass a trade union when changing terms?

| Employment Law Journal | July 2019

Mike Hibberd looks at the lessons from an appeal court ruling on agreeing changes in terms and conditions directly with employees if negotiations with the recognised trade union break down

Staff procedures: Create or update an effective family leave policy

| Employment Law Journal | July 2019

Anna Scott and Nicola Ihnatowicz explore what a family leave policy should contain in light of recent cases on shared parental leave and the forthcoming right to parental bereavement leave

Sexual orientation: Addressing hidden LGBT discrimination following new research and cases

| Employment Law Journal | July 2019

Joanna Chatterton and Ed Livingstone discuss developments in sexual orientation discrimination law and key practical steps to minimise the associated risks after research shows significant under-reporting of assault and other harassment

Legal news: Employment update

| Employment Law Journal | July 2019

Katherine Pope rounds up the latest case law and developments affecting employers and their advisers

Misconduct: Managing disciplinary procedures in tandem with external processes

| Employment Law Journal | July 2019

Clodagh Hogan and Shannett Thompson consider the lessons from two recent cases in which employees being disciplined were also subject to scrutiny by outside bodies

Working Time Regulations: Holidays and working hours – the debate continues

| Employment Law Journal | July 2019

Recent cases on calculating holiday pay and recording workers’ hours show that it remains tricky for employers to understand and comply with their working time obligations, reports Ben Daniel

Refusing medical treatment: Evidencing unreasonableness

| Personal Injury Law Journal | July 2019

Helena Drage considers what issues of mitigation arise when a claimant refuses a recommended course of treatment

Conditional fee agreements: Solicitor-own client costs disputes

| Personal Injury Law Journal | July 2019

Andrew Hogan examines the complex issues that occur with solicitor/client success fees

Catastrophic brain injury claims: Assessing mental capacity

| Personal Injury Law Journal | July 2019

Pankaj Madan explores how a party’s capacity affects brain injury litigation

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