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Enforcement: Taking a different route

| Family Law Journal | April 2018

John Davies and Rebecca Heyworth highlight a case involving a deed entered into by spouses that was enforced in the Chancery Division following a foreign divorce

Surrogacy: Home from home?

| Family Law Journal | April 2018

Nicola Caffery reviews the approach to domicile in surrogacy cases, and the requirements that must be met for a parental order to be made

Cohabitants: Be prepared

| Family Law Journal | April 2018

Simon Pedley and Sue Brookes explore the impact of being a cohabitant when one party to a cohabiting relationship dies, and the differences that exist where the parties are not married or in a civil partnership

Recognition of overseas divorce: Not common knowledge

| Family Law Journal | April 2018

Lottie Tyler looks at the law on the recognition of an overseas divorce and the court‘s interpretation in a case involving issues as to sharia law and notice of proceedings

In practice: Getting ahead

| Family Law Journal | April 2018

In the conclusion to a two-part guide, Jemma Pollock sets out key considerations when preparing witness evidence in financial proceedings

Local authority duties: Limited liability

| Family Law Journal | April 2018

In the conclusion to a two-part analysis, Robert Hams, Lord Edward Faulks QC and Paul Stagg examine the Court of Appeal‘s approach to local authority duties and the implications of its judgment in CN v Poole Borough Council

Private children: Overcoming obstacles

| Family Law Journal | April 2018

In the conclusion to a two-part consideration of transgender and religious issues, Emily Watson analyses the robust approach taken by the Court of Appeal as to the role of the ‘judicial reasonable parent’

Bathurst v Chantler Neutral citation: [2018] EWHC 21 (Ch) 

| April 2018

The claimant was the second wife and widow of the Earl Bathurst (Eighth Earl). The first to third defendants were the trustees of the Earl’s Fund (EFT) created under a statutory Codicil made on behalf of the Eighth Earl by the Court of Protection...

Blackwell Deceased [2017] EWCA 2182 (Civ)

| April 2018

The applicant, Mr Warner, was the unmarried partner of the deceased. Before her 
death they had lived together for 19 years at a property in Tewkesbury. Mr Warner continued to live in this property after her death. Mrs Lewis, the daughter of the deceased, brought a claim in the County Court for possession of the property and for the return 
of certain items under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977...

Wilson v Lassman Neutral citation: [2017] EWHC 85 (Ch)

| April 2018

The claimant sought an order pronouncing against the will of his late father 
Gerald Wilson (the ‘deceased’) dated 9 October 2010, and revoking the grant of 
probate obtained by the defendant, as executor and sole beneficiary. The claimant contended that the will was not validly executed in compliance with s9 of the Wills Act 1837 (the ‘1837 Act’)...

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