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Trusts: When is a beneficiary not a beneficiary?

| Trusts & Estates Law and Tax Journal | June 2020

Timothy Sherwin examines the importance of s53 of the Trust (Guernsey) Law and the rule in Saunders v Vautier

Procedure: Dissolved defendants

| Personal Injury Law Journal | June 2020

Simon Hughes and Isabelle Knight examine the implications of the recent Court of Appeal decision in Cowley v LW Carlisle Ltd [2020]

Pensions: Lessons to be learnt

| Family Law Journal | June 2020

Andrew Smith highlights the first reported decision in which the Pension Advisory Group report has impacted on the approach of the court to pension assets

Limitation: The need for speed

| The Commercial Litigation Journal | June 2020

Andrew Ward, Pierre Welch and Leah Alpren-Waterman track time limits in rail franchise public procurement claims

Legal news: Employment update

| Employment Law Journal | May 2020

Catherine Turner rounds up recent case law and developments affecting employers and their advisers

Trustees: Unanswered questions

| Trusts & Estates Law and Tax Journal | May 2020

Elizabeth Ovey examines the position on the exercise of discretionary powers for an improper purpose

Case report: Thimmaya v Lancashire NHS Foundation Trust (2020) Manchester County Court

| Personal Injury Law Journal | May 2020

Expert witnesses; unfit to act; third party costs order

TOLATA 1996: A holistic approach

| Family Law Journal | May 2020

Mark Pawlowski looks at how the courts calculate the parties’ beneficial shares when events post-acquisition give rise to a claim to an enlarged share in the jointly owned family home

Funding: Hats off

| The Commercial Litigation Journal | May 2020

Michael Taylor, Gawain Moore, Duncan Lole and Gwendoline Davies weigh up a Court of Appeal decision on the adverse costs liability of litigation funders

Lifting the lockdown: Preparing to return to the workplace: key steps for employers

| Employment Law Journal | May 2020

Catrina Smith and Amanda Sanders look at how to get employees back to work safely and minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims from individuals who are reluctant to return

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