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Legal news: Employment update

| Employment Law Journal | July 2020

Jo Broadbent rounds up recent developments affecting employers and their advisers

Covid-19: Key steps to ensure a safe return to work for shielding employees

| Employment Law Journal | July 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement that shielding employees can return to work from 1 August, Joanne Moseley looks at how employers can start to get their most vulnerable staff members back to work while reducing the risk of legal claims

Health and safety: Covid-19 and serious and imminent danger: a new dawn in employee litigation?

| Employment Law Journal | June 2020

Lee Harding and William Mallin examine the extent of employees’ right to refuse to return to work because of the threat posed by the coronavirus

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: Flexible furlough: rewriting the rules

| Employment Law Journal | June 2020

Rose Smith looks at the new ‘commandments’ that employers must follow before making claims under the updated furlough scheme

Health and safety: Returning to work after lockdown could lead to upsurge in tribunal claims

| Employment Law Journal | June 2020

Nabila Chikhi and Emilie Cole consider the risk of employment claims on health and safety grounds from employees who are reluctant to return to work due to Covid-19

Costs: Recovering inquest costs in successful civil claims: is it possible?

| Personal Injury Law Journal | June 2020

Yes, but the relevance of the inquest is key, says Anthony Searle

Non-disclosure: Double trouble

| Family Law Journal | June 2020

Frederick Tatham analyses the unusual circumstances that led to a final order being set aside twice on the basis of material non-disclosure

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: Issues to consider as the furlough scheme winds down

| Employment Law Journal | June 2020

David Palmer explores the issues for employers resulting from the Chancellor’s announcement that government support for furloughed employees will be gradually withdrawn. The announcement will affect one million employers and more than eight million jobs

Trusts: When is a beneficiary not a beneficiary?

| Trusts & Estates Law and Tax Journal | June 2020

Timothy Sherwin examines the importance of s53 of the Trust (Guernsey) Law and the rule in Saunders v Vautier

Procedure: Dissolved defendants

| Personal Injury Law Journal | June 2020

Simon Hughes and Isabelle Knight examine the implications of the recent Court of Appeal decision in Cowley v LW Carlisle Ltd [2020]

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