Armstrong v Onyearu [2017] EWCA Civ 268

Summer 2017 #168

Mr and Mrs Onyearu were a married couple. Mr Onyearu was declared bankrupt in 2011 and Mr Armstrong was his trustee in bankruptcy. The question before the Court was whether Mrs Onyearu could rely upon the equity of exoneration in order to take a charge over her husband’s share of the matrimonial home.

Mr Onyearu was the sole registered proprietor of the matrimonial home in Catford (purchased in 2000), and he and his wife maintained that they beneficially owned the property in equal shares. In 2005, a loan facility was granted to Mr Onyearu by Bank of Scotland in order to pr...

Davies & anr v Davies [2013] EWHC 2623 (Ch)

November 2016 #164

Tegwyn and Mary Davies purchased a dairy farm known as Henllan in West Wales in 1972. It comprised a farmhouse, an attached cottage, outbuildings, and 182 acres of land. It was farmed with a nearby farm also owned by them known as Caeremlyn which they had purchased in 1961 (together ‘the farm’). The respondent, Eirian was one of their three daughters. By 1989, she was the only child left at the farm. She had a passionate interest in pedigree milking cows which was the main business of the farm, and it was by this stage clear that she was the only possible candidate to take it...

Davies v Davies [2014] EWCA Civ 568

September 2016 #162

The appeal concerned a proprietary estoppel claim by the respondent, Eirian, with respect to her parents’ pedigree dairy farm.

Eirian’s claim was precipitated by the fact that her parents had sought to evict her from the farmhouse where she was living. Eirian had worked on Henllan during lengthy periods of her adult life. There were a number of arguments between Eirian and her parents which had, on occasion, led to Eirian temporarily leaving the farm. During one such period she worked as a technician for a company called Genus, which specialised in livestock reproduct...

Hart & anr v Burbidge & anr

October 2014 #143

In 2006 the deceased made a will directing a sale of two properties, No 7 and No 43 (the properties), with the proceeds to be shared between her sons (the Harts). On the same date the deceased gave another property, Unit 15, to her daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Burbidge, and also released them from a debt of £44,000. In 2007 the deceased made a further will leaving No 7 to the Harts and No 43 to her siblings and any grandchildren surviving her with the residue to be divided equally amongst her children.

Having decided to live with the Burbidges, the deceased transferred her...

Hart & anr v Burbidge & ors [2014] EWCA Civ 992 On appeal from: [2013] EWHC 1628 (Ch)

October 2014 #143





The appellants appealed a decision in two actions that had been tried together ...

Lewis v Lewis [2014] EWCA Civ 412

July/August 2014 #141

This was an application for permission to appeal from a decision of HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC in a case concerning wills. Peter Lewis contested the will of his father, Kenneth Lewis on the basis of undue influence and/or fraud. David Lewis, the beneficiary under the will, issued proceedings to determine the issue. The judge below found for David.

The application concerned Peter’s litigation capacity. Peter suffered from Asperger’s syndrome. In the earlier stages of the litigation Peter was in receipt of legal aid and represented by solicitors. At their request and on the basis of an e...

Bradbury & ors v Taylor & anr [2012] EWCA Civ 1208

January/February 2013 #126

William Samuel Taylor (deceased) and his late wife lived in a large property, set in 15 acres of grounds, called Lower Manaton (property), near Callington in Cornwall. The deceased made a will in 1998 by which the defendants, who were his nephew and niece, were to be allowed to occupy the property for seven years after his death, on stated terms and conditions. At the same stage in late 2000 the deceased proposed that the defendants, who lived in Sheffield, should move to Cornwall and occupy part of the property with their two children. The first defendant favoured the idea; the second d...

Swain Mason & anr v Mills & Reeve [2012] EWCA Civ 498

December 2012 #125

The claimants appealed from Arnold J’s decision to dismiss their claim in professional negligence brought against the defendant firm of solicitors. The defendant cross appealed against the judge’s order that the claimants’ pay 50% of the defendant’s costs.

Mr Christopher Swain owned 72.4% of the shares in Swains International plc. By 2006, Mr Swain had withdrawn from full-time management and spent most of his time in Thailand. Mr Swain had a history of ill health, including diabetes and heart disease. Each of his four daughters (who, together with Mr Swain...

Trustees & anr v Capmark Bank [2011] EWCA Civ 380

October 2012 #123

The appellants were the trustees of the Maylands Unit Trust (the trustees), a Jersey-based unit trust formed as a vehicle for the acquisition of warehouse premises in Hemel Hampstead (the property) by Cantabria Investments Ltd (Cantabria). The purchase price of the property was £28.1m, funded by £7.1m of Cantabria’s own resources and a £21m loan from Capmark Bank Europe (the bank) and secured on the property. The security was created by a deed of guarantee and debenture (the debenture) between the trustees and the bank. At the time of the purchase of the property it was subject to ...