Thomas v Thomas & ors [2021] WTLR 1091

Autumn 2021 #184

Elizabeth Thomas (Elizabeth) passed away in 2018, leaving a will dated 30 September 2004. She was survived by her three sons, David, Owen and Gareth, and her 13 grandchildren.

Her will included, among others the following terms:

‘If my husband has [predeceased me]… I leave my property to be divided amongst my sons and their heirs. At present, these are as follows:… Sons — Owen, Gareth and David; their children are Owen/Fay; Gareth/Gwennan and Samuel and Raphael; David/Ellen Christie Thomas and Jens Rhys Thomas… ’

‘The proceeds fro...

Worthing & anr v Lloyds Bank plc [2015] EWHC 2836 (QB)

January/February 2016 #156

The claimants had been customers of the defendant bank since 2000. Following the sale of their business in September 2006 for £5m, their bank manager arranged an introduction to the defendant’s Mayfair banking service, which was the division providing banking services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals for the purpose of receiving advice regarding the investment of the proceeds. The defendant sought information about the claimants’ financial circumstances and asked a series of questions designed to identify their appetite and capacity for risk. The defendant then produced a ...