Dwan & ors v Commissioners for HMRC [2022] WTLR 501

Summer 2022 #187

Five shareholders of Taskcatch plc made gifts of shares in the company to various charities and then claimed tax relief on the basis of the value of such shares at the dates of the gifts. Mr Dwan gifted 500,000 shares on 31 March 2003 and claimed relief on the basis of their value being 32.5p per share. On 31 March 2003, a small trade of shares in Taskcatch plc was registered on AIM at a price of 32.5p per share. Also on 31 March 2003, shares in Taskcatch plc were issued at the implied price of 7p per share to the vendors of a company that was being acquired. On 5 October 2004, Mr and Mr...

Marlborough DP Ltd v Commissioners for HMRC [2021] WTLR 1329

Winter 2021 #185

Marlborough DP Ltd (MDPL) operated a dental practice, through which a Dr Thomas, its director and sole shareholder, provided dental services. It had instituted a ‘remuneration trust’ (RT), which it had stated to be for the benefit of persons who had provided or might in the future provide services, custom or products to MDPL. MDPL made ‘contributions’ to the RT which were said to reflect ‘part of the economic cost to [MDPL] of earning its profits’. MDPL then deducted its contributions to the RT as business expenses in computing its profits for accounting purposes, and claimed deductions ...

Clipperton & anr v HMRC WTLR(w) 2021-08

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Dunsby v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs [2021] WTLR 157

Spring 2021 #182

This was an appeal concerning a tax avoidance scheme designed to allow shareholders in private companies to extract profits without paying income tax on them.

Prior to entering into the scheme, T was sole director and shareholder of M Ltd. The scheme had three steps:

  1. (1) On 11 March 2013, the board of directors of M Ltd (ie T as sole director) and T resolved to approve the creation of a new class of ‘S’ ordinary shares and the necessary amendments to M Ltd’s articles of association. On the same day, M Ltd (by resolution of T as sole shareholder) created the new S clas...

Executors of Cox v Commissioners for HMRC [2020] WTLR 1239

Winter 2020 #181

This case was an appeal against a notice of determination issued by HMRC under s221 Inheritance Tax Act 1984 (IHTA) which had ruled that the deceased’s furnished holiday lettings business did not qualify for business property relief (BPR). The only dispute was whether the business consisted ‘mainly’ of ‘holding investments’ within the meaning of s105(3) IHTA.

The business began in 1989 with one flat and expanded in 1991 and 1996 with the purchase of further flats in the same building. It continued until the deceased’s death on 27 December 2014.

The tribuna...

Shelford & anr v HMRC [2020] WTLR 657

Summer 2020 #179

John Selwyn Herbert (Mr Herbert), a widower with three children, owned and lived in the freehold house, 12 Hammersmith Terrace, London (the house). In 2001, Mr Herbert obtained inheritance tax advice from Stevens & Bolton to implement what was described as the ‘home loan scheme’ and he asked the second appellant, Mr Shelford, who was a solicitor and partner in Edwin Coe, to act as a trustee of the Herbert Life Interest Settlement (the settlement).

The settlement, which was dated 21 March 2002, was established by Mr Herbert with a nominal sum of £10 upon trust for himself durin...

Charnley & anr v HMRC [2020] WTLR 93

Spring 2020 #178

Mr Gill’s estate included the house in which he lived, a brick barn and outbuildings and 21 acres of permanent pasture. During the relevant period Mr Gill did not own any livestock. He allowed farmers to graze their livestock on his agricultural land under annual grazing licences. It was not disputed that the house was of a character appropriate to the farm.

HMRC refused agricultural property relief (‘APR’) in respect of the value of the house, barn and outbuildings on the basis that neither the house nor outbuildings were occupied for the purposes of agriculture, and refused the ...

Banks v HMRC [2020] WTLR 19

Spring 2020 #178

The appellant taxpayer, Arron Banks, appealed against a notice of determination issued by HMRC. This notice assessed Mr Banks as owing inheritance tax of £162,945.34 on donations of £976,781.38 that he and companies that he controlled made to the UK Independence Party (UKIP) between October 2014 and March 2015 (the donations).

It was common ground that no UKIP MPs were elected at the 2010 UK General Election. UKIP did not therefore meet the statutory definition under s24(2) IHTA 1984 and so the Donations were not treated as exempt from VAT. The appellant argued that this ...

Rialas v HMRC [2019] WTLR 1251

Winter 2019 #177

During the relevant tax years, R was resident and ordinarily resident, but not domiciled, in the United Kingdom. He was a Cypriot national. He held 50% of the issued shares of ACM, a company incorporated in England and Wales. R worked full time in ACM, which carried on a successful business as a fund manager. C held the other 50% of the shares of ACM.

In order to sell his shares in ACM, R decided to acquire C ‘s shares in ACM using a trust and a company resident outside the UK and borrowed funds, also from an offshore company. R established the R Trust, a discretionary family trus...

The Quentin Skinner 2005 Settlement L & ors v HMRC [2019] WTLR 1389

Winter 2019 #177

On 1 December 2015 three settlements (“the Skinner Settlements”) disposed of 55,000 ordinary shares (“the Shares”) in a company (“the Company”) at a gain. Under each Skinner Settlement a member of the Skinner family had been given an interest in possession in the whole of the settled property on 30 July 2015.

Following the disposal of the Shares, the Skinner Settlements and their respective Beneficiaries (“the Beneficiaries”) claimed entrepreneurs ‘ relief (“ER”) under s169J of the Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (“TCGA 1992“) applying a reduced ra...