Case Report: Flint v Tittensor and the MIB [2015] EWHC 466 (QB)

Vehicular trespass to the person; battery; self-defence; ex turpi causa; volenti non fit injuria ‘A finding that the force used was disproportionate so as to preclude self-defence is simultaneously likely to mean that there is no entry point for ex turpi, or at best only a very narrow one.’ This case provides an enlightening illustration …
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Watts v Watts Claim no: HC02C02559

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | December 2014 #145

The claimant Arthur Watts (Arthur) sued his brother James Watts (James) in respect of trust transactions in 1998.

In 1967 Geoffrey Watts, the father of Arthur and James, made a settlement in favour of his children and grandchildren. In 1976 this trust fund was split into separate trust funds for each of Geoffrey’s children. James was one of the trustees of Arthur’s trust fund. The main beneficiaries were Arthur in his lifetime and thereafter his legitimate children. Clause 4 allowed the trustees to pay all the capital to Arthur if they considered it to be to his advantage...

Evidence: Problem issues and problem clients

Lisa Sullivan and Martyn Mcleish offer practical tips on how to navigate claims where allegations of exaggeration may arise ‘The defence operates as a rule of public policy by which an otherwise perfectly proper claim will not be allowed to proceed or a particular head of loss cannot be recovered because it offends public conscience …
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