Domestic abuse: Drawing a line

Vikkie Chetcuti examines the meaning of associated person in the Family Law Act 1996 and the extent to which the courts may adopt a purposive approach to interpreting statutory language The structure of FLA 1996 indicates that Parliament was prepared to include certain step-relationships in respect of relationships of lineal descent but decided not to …
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Re Wales [2020] WTLR 1121

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | Autumn 2020 #180

The deceased died on 17 February 2015 as a widower with no children. He left a will dated 22 December 2008. The claimants were his executors.

Clause 7 of the will left the residuary estate to ‘such all of my nephew’s and niece’s children’. At the date of his death, the deceased had two blood nephews and two blood nieces, and also three nephews by marriage and one niece by marriage. A further nephew by marriage had died in 1992 leaving a son. The claimants sought directions as to whether the gift was just to the nieces and nephews by blood, or whether it was also to the nieces and ...