Neutral citation: [2018] EWHC 499 (Fam)

WTLR Issue: Spring 2018 #171

When the parties met in July 2000, they had both been previously married. In the husband’s case, a difficult divorce caused him to set his face against remarriage. He had three sons who spent significant periods of time with their father in a substantial property near Reading (Property G) which had a value of £3...

ADS v DSM & ors [2017] EWCOP 8

WTLR Issue: Autumn 2017 #169

JKS and her late husband had two sons, ADS and DSM. She brought proceedings against the former in August 2012 seeking relief in respect of (a) a transfer by her late husband to ADS of his parents’ matrimonial home (at which she and her late husband continued to live) and (b) a transfer by her late husband to ADS and his wife of a piece of land adjoining other property...