Offshore: Deed of gift set aside on account of a fundamental mistake

Royal Court of Jersey case Re B & C clarifies the principles for setting aside a disposition of assets into a nominee arrangement on the ground of donor’s mistake. Paul Matthams explains In applying the relevant test, it was still a requirement for the court to be satisfied that the donor or settlor would not …
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Bhaur & ors v Equity First Trustees (Nevis) Ltd & ors WTLR(w) 2022-01

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Trustees: Back on the right course?

Marilyn McKeever discusses the implications of the Supreme Court decision in Futter v Futter and Pitt v Holt ‘The Hastings-Bass jurisdiction applies where the trustee or other person has failed to take into account any relevant considerations or took into account irrelevant considerations and would not have taken the action they did but for that …
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