Probate: Ashes to ashes

Disposal of a corpse: who has the right to decide after death? Amy Berry explains ‘Judge Boggis QC confirmed that the factual matrix is relevant as are the views of all sides and the wishes of the deceased, but that ultimately the court is required to find a solution which does fairness and justice to …
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Borrows v HM Coroner for Preston
 [2018] WTLR 365

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | Summer 2018 #172

.This case concerned the burial arrangements of Liam McManus (Liam), who 
took his life aged just 15. Liam had a difficult upbringing. His parents 
were heroin addicts and so he was brought up by his maternal grandparents 
in Liverpool until he entered foster care aged 5. Two years later he moved in 
with the claimant, Mr Burrows, (who was Liam’s paternal uncle) and his family in St Helens and a full residence order was made in favour of the claimant 
and his wife. Mr and Mrs Burrows were described as his psychological

In the year before he died, Liam made contact with h...

Probate: Body matters

Jane Evans-Gordon discusses the quandaries that can arise on the disposal of a dead body ‘Bodies cannot be bought or sold, stolen, criminally damaged or, as was once tried, seized by creditors.’ Thomas Mann said that ‘It is a fact that a man’s dying is more the survivors’ affair than his own’.Regrettably, while the Lord …
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