Equitable Tracing: Overdrawn accounts and backward tracing

Mark Pawlowski considers the case for accepting backwards tracing as part of English law ‘A debt is an asset in the hands of the creditor and so can provide a basis for tracing in relation to the creditor’s assets.’ In Bishopsgate Investment Management Ltd (in liquidation) v Homan [1994], the Court of Appeal held that …
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Brazil v Durant [2015] UKPC 35

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | October 2015 # 153

The effective plaintiff was the municipality of Sao Paulo (the municipality). The Federal Republic of Brazil was nominally the plaintiff because its constitution required it to be a party to any action brought outside Brazil by a Brazilian public authority. The defendants were companies registered in the British Virgin Islands (the companies) which were, at the relevant time, under the practical control of Mr Paulo Maluf and/or his son Mr Flavio Maluf. From 1993 Mr Paulo Maluf had been mayor of the municipality.

The case concerned payments made to Mr Paulo Maluf, or others on his ...