Re B [2022] WTLR 409

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | Summer 2022 #187

In 2013, B’s father died intestate in France leaving a French property. Under French law, the property passed to B and his adult sister in equal shares. Under French law, it is necessary for the heir to accept their succession to the French estate. As B was a minor (aged 17), he was not able to do so. If he lived in France the surviving parent would be able to accept the succession on B’s behalf, but because B was habitually resident in England the French court declined jurisdiction.

B’s mother made an application for a specific issue order under s8 of the Children Ac...

Property succession: A clear route map for foreign property inheritance by minors

A recent Family Court decision has valuable lessons for trust and estate practitioners dealing with foreign property inherited by a minor. Georgia Bedworth reports The decision in Re B makes clear that in English law, just as in civil law jurisdictions, the power to administer property on behalf of a child is an aspect of …
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Re Shanavazi [2021] WTLR 1037

Wills & Trusts Law Reports | Autumn 2021 #184

The claimant was the widow of Gohlam Dastagir Shanavazi (the deceased), who had died intestate on 29 December 2011. They had five children of whom four were adults by the time of the hearing. The claimant brought the Part 8 claim on behalf of the youngest child, her minor son Ilyas Firas Shanavazi, who was now 16.

Under German law Ilyas was entitled to a 1/10th share of his father’s estate. The claim was brought to allow the claimant on behalf of Ilyas to enter into a contract of sale of a property in Germany and to convey the property to the purchaser.

The claimant, the de...

Probate: A far from minor inconvenience

The court has provided welcome clarity on applications to court for authority to sell a property abroad on behalf of a minor. Remi Aiyela explains The judge decided that it was plainly in Ilyas’ best interests that the property be sold at a good sale price higher than the current valuation. Re Shanavazi [2021] was …
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