Re H Trust v P and Others [2019] SC (Bda) 27 Com

WTLR Issue: Spring 2020


1) On the wording of the trust deed, the protectors of the trust had to act jointly. The unilateral designation of the first successor protector was therefore invalid, as was his purported designation of P as his successor protector...

Gelber v The Sutherland Foundation [2018] EWHC 2344 (Ch)

WTLR Issue: Spring 2019 #174

The claimants and two of the defendants were all grandsons of the 11th Duke of Marlborough and beneficiaries of a settlement made on 13 October 1981. The trustees of the 1981 settlement are a Guernsey foundation and one of its council members. The foundation was not a trust corporation within the meaning of s68(18) Trustee Act 1925...